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Thanks to the decentralization policies of Africa governments, we are engaging local communities and councils through their elected officials such as Mayors and their Councilors to bring accountable sustainable development for the good of the common man.
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Top Management and Advisors
Stanley Enyih Stanley Enyih is a passionate entrepreneur with a renewable energy background. He has several years of project development experience and has spent the past decade assisting project developers and local governments across Africa prepare bankable projects that meet foreign investment criteria. He concurrently provides high level consulting services to many companies and foreign investors seeking opportunities in emerging markets in African and the Caribbean. His extensive consultation experience includes: PPA acquisition, project guarantee and service agreement negotiations, SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle ) set up among others.
Clarence Haynes Clarence S. Haynes has a trade and investment advisory practice in which he advises clients on the development and implementation of trade and investment strategies in the emerging markets. Formerly with Bankers Trust Company (now a part of Deutsche Bank) and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation, Mr. Haynes’ extensive advisory experience includes start-ups, PPPs, company reorganization, emerging market funds, and equipment procurement in among others, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India, South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Mozambique. Read More
Albert E. White 20 years of business and finance experience. Advisor to some of the most successful CEOs in the U.S. Vast experience in the technology area: HealthCare, Energy, Communications and Internet of Things. Mr. Whiteis a known visionary in identifying market niches. He has held several C level positions as CEO for two energy companies. Mr. White has an extensive finance and investment background as Senior Consultant to Safeguard Scientific, a leading publicly- owned venture capital company.He was a former International Banking Officer with JP Morgan. Read More