Online web applications and mobile apps are not only facilitating businesses in selling their products and services but also providing a platform for meeting investors and potentials to deliver projects in various disciplines. Although these platforms have gained prominence across the world, there is not enough prevalence of this mode of online platform in the African Continent. Africa Opportunity Platform (AOP) realizes this need and offers a unique platform for bringing together the world's investors and African professionals and entrepreneurs. Registration on this platform enables investors to see projects that can make a substantial impact in improving the well-being and living conditions of the African society. They can invest in these projects and offer opportunities to African professionals to exhibit their knowledge and skills. African professionals hence will get better jobs and venues to showcase their potentials. The platform is a new venture and can prove to be a game changer for the African job market if its aims and objectives are well supported by investors, philanthropists, civil society, and all those who are interested in the overall development of the African continent. Besides its online presence, AOP is committed to creating quality employment opportunities and concretely contributing to the emergence of Africa by investing in sustainable renewable energy projects in partnership with local government authorities across Africa.

The uniqueness of AOP is in providing opportunities for African professionals. Although many platforms are bringing investors and professionals together, a dedicated and committed effort has not been made by the online community to launch such a platform for African businesses. AOP will not only encourage African professionals and entrepreneurs regarding membership but shall also introduce positive reinforcements through a monthly call for proposals. The call for proposals will be aggressively promoted through conventional and digital marketing strategies and winners will be selected based on the criteria of attractive sustainable development projects. AOP is highly enthusiastic and hopeful that the call for proposals will engage African project developers. The awareness raised through the call for proposals is expected to increase conversions and bring untapped segments into the opportunity platform. Our company knows the background and has contextual knowledge of the African continent, and our skilled human resource has a vast experience in job and work-related issues in Africa

High level consultation and expertise, identifying the most investment friendly projects

Making sure they meet the stringent requirements of financial institutions.

Assistance in conducting due diligence on projects to meet funding check-lists.

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