We are a Pan African multinational that does not only focus on the economic returns of executed projects but on the social impact our projects bring to local communities. Our Social Impact Policy takes pride in building the capacity of local inhabitants and creating local youth employment in communities where we execute our projects. AOP supports a sustainable low carbon future by adhering to the modalities and work programs of the Paris Agreement. In the course of its operations, AOP:

  • Consciously utilizes and optimizes products that can be recycled;
  • Works with environmentally-conscious investment partners, project developers and local governments;
  • Complies with the provisions of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) made by each Sub-Sahara African country in which we operate in order to reduce national emissions and adapt to the impact of climate change.

Who We Are

Time and cost savings by sourcing vetted opportunities in Africa.

High level network to facilitate project execution and build long-term partnerships.

Investment in sustainable projects with huge social impacts and economic benefits.