Renewable Energy

We provide off grid solutions from Solar to wind energy and other renewable sources.

Affordable Housing
We offer Housing solutions for the common man at affordable costs


We provide off grid solutions from Solar to wind energy and other renewable sources.

Our Corporate Strategy
Effective sustainable development can only be achieved through collective efforts by all key stakeholders and actors. To achieve this, our corporate strategy is to engage in: Public Private Partnerships with local governments and councils across Africa. We believe Sustainable Development and Accountability in resource management can be best achieved by local communities through their elected Mayors and representatives. Joint Venture Agreements with project developers and entrepreneurs. Together we can achieve more and collectively unlock Africa’s huge potentials. Partnerships with global investors. Foreign Direct Investment, Equity Investors and International Financing Corporations are key players in Africa’s development,

Our Vision

The vision of AOP is “a prosperous and economically powerful Africa that is exploring its full potentials and resources through the implementation of futuristic and sustainable development projects.

Our Values


We pride ourselves in upholding the highest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards in our local communities.


We create quality employment and execute futuristic and durable projects.


AOP owes the solemn responsibility to be accountable to its local government partners, investors, entrepreneurs and workforce.


We are aware that partnerships are a force that brings together the technical expertise and investment funds necessary to achieve the long-term development needs of Africa


It is our passion to create a prosperous and economically powerful Africa.

Who We Are

Time and cost savings by sourcing vetted opportunities in Africa.

High level network to facilitate project execution and build long-term partnerships.

Investment in sustainable projects with huge social impacts and economic benefits.